What is NFTeZ

NFTs are all the rage now, Everyone has heard of NFTs and wants in on the action. However the process of creating and deploying an NFT can be still a daunting and technically challenging task. Enter NFTez.. A multi currency multi model wallet with abilities to create NFTs on demand using Images and other media as well

How it works:

Mobile App interface:

We have a mobile app interface which allows a user to easily upload an image to generate an NFT. this can be a self made image, picture captured by camera or potentially other media. This is then uploaded to our backend which generates an NFT on the openSea marketplace using Chainlink

We currently use LINK on the rinkeby Testnet (as this is a demo prototype) for deploying our NFTs.


We use an RFID reader to implement a multi currency wallet, which can be used to access the cryptocurrencies linked to the NFTs. The demo video shows how we use a single system to have a wallet containing BTC, ETH and LINK (currently all testnet currencies) We can also approve pending NFT deployments using wearable NFT devices. Additionally, the wallet itself is voice enabled, so this can act as a contactless device or contactless kiosk in a public setting.

Challenges we ran into

Working across 3 different timezones (ET, GMT+3, IST)

What's next for NFTZ?


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