It comes from inspirations itself so it is art. And that is how we started, we started talking about art, nfts and how to combine it on Solana Network one month ago.

What it does

NFTYZER is a Unique Digital Asset (NFT) Tokenization Platform Based on Smart Contracts and Blockchain Protocols. Nftyzer is a platform that provides to the artists the ability to convert their arts into a NFT token, if the results of the voting are appropriate for converting. The artist applying to the Nftyzer platform applies to convert their works to NFT. The application process takes place by voting in a decentralized environment. As a result of voting, if the number of likes is more than ½ of the number of dislikes, the result is positive. The artist can convert works to NFT and sell them. Artists with positive results can also create tokens. On NFTYZER, you can convert your entire portfolio to NFT and create your own token. Also on NFTYZER; You can mint artworks as NFT,You can rate your favorite artists,NFT trades,Token minting,and more...

How we built it

On solana network

Built With

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