We came up with the idea after creating a platform called VideoWiki, where artists can collaborate on the creation of content. On VideoWiki, anyone can create a video based on a text/document. In order for users to have as many options as possible to choose from for their video, we thought about creating NFTs to Library.Video.Wiki, where artists can expose their artwork in digital photo/video/creative by listing it in a library.

What it does

The project works as an open, Collaboratory, content editing platform that enables rapid creation, modification, protection, and monetization of immersive media content. Library.Video.Wiki will serve as a source of an annotated and tagged media content for video bloggers, online teachers and course creators to include premium content directly from the creators with automated attributions and management of licenses using smart contracts. The uploaded media will be registered as an NFT which will trail back the ownership to the contributor. The price of the asset will be dynamically set by the creator for all his contributions. This asset will be annotated and tagged with meta information and added to the library after a few transactions. For the buyers, this media will be listed as a suggestion in the library based on the context of their Video.

How we built it

The Library ranking of the media asset will be decided by the calculation of popularity, quality, price, etc. that will incentivize the creator to price the content appropriately so it is shown and bought by other creators. Once an asset is chosen to be added to a longer video, a contribution credit and share will be assigned as per the algorithm. Anytime the final media is commercially transacted, it will trickle back dividends to all the contributors through a DVCS audit trail (Decentralized Version Control System).

Smart Contract Functionality (details): smart contract for the following: Listing of NFT: -- NFT is successfully listed -- NFT can't be listed if listingPrice is not paid -- NFT can't be listed if NFT is not approved by user Buying of NFT: -- Buying NFT -- NFT can't be bought by paying a lower price -- NFT can't be bought twice

User journeys: Library Provider

Smart contract name - Librarian Uploads and lists his media asset as an NFT in the VideoWiki Library (Ocean marketplace) Data Union 5 step transaction with dynamic pricing Tags, and meta data The media asset is listed in the library for content creators Pricing options: non-commercial use one time / commercial use each time the content is sold / commercial use % share calculated automatically by the system based on contribution quality and content performance / Consensus, each time someone submits a pull request

Producers (PS pool share) Producer is shown the asset in library based on the context of the video scene Tags are mapped and Videos are proposed Producer can select paid media or free media as the chosen scene A cart is being updated with all the paid media the user is selecting Same happens with Music background stage with Music NFTs User gets to last stage of publishing media and chooses to publish On a free publish, user pays the license costs of non-commercial use On a paid publish, user pays the license costs of non-commercial use + declares a percentage share of all commercial purchases of future calculated by the system All attributions are listed in credits automatically in the video notes

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge with this proposal is to check the quality of the content that is going to be uploaded on the library.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

VideoWiki is a project that has been giving us a lot of reasons to be proud of. Firstly, the way it was created was itself an accomplishment: we won the hackathon #EUvsVirus, where it all started. Then, we developed Cast, a tool where we already hosted two events, that were live streamed on YouTube and that counted with hundreds of people.

What we learned

We learned how to collect feedback from people with very diverses backgrounds and use that feedback in the most profitable way for the development of the tool. We are still developing and improving our platform and we know that, along the way, we'll be learning a lot more, on many different aspects.

What's next for NFTs to Creative.Video.Wiki

We want to launch the marketplace and open it for user submissions with trackable credits within VideoWiki learning content tool.

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posted an update

We have created another video around the use of blockchain in the project and its web 3 nature -

We are building a decentralized marketplace of stock media videos and creative assets that are created and managed by a community of creators/educators. The ownership trail is managed with a version control mechanism (DVCS) with smart contracts that allow collaborative authoring and forking of content while maintaining the distributed authorship and share in revenue for each content (asset) created.

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