Currently, University clubs host events and competitions that provide an opportunity for students to gain accolades and manifest their skills with tangible achievements. These awards are designed to provide a medium for students to display their skills to prospective employers, yet at present, a received award amounts to nothing but a line on a CV.

Additionally, unless a paper certificate is distributed, employers have no means of verifying these achievements.

What it does

With NFTR. we hope to provide a platform that will enhance the importance, validity and recognition for these accolades. Through a fully decentralised platform, we have facilititated the ability for clubs and other University departments to mint, assign and redistribute NFTs to students so that they can collect and display their achievements and accolades received during their University life, both to other students and prospective employers.

How we built it

NFTR. is entirely decentralised on the blockchain. Each user is validated by a Smart Contract linking their public key to their student ID, and each club entity is also implemented as a Smart Contract issued by the University.

Challenges we ran into

  • Creating and validating smart contracts on our back end was in order to develop our API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Creating a decentralized platform for NFTs with no central server
  • Developing and designing the entire front-end on React with Material-UI
  • Accommodating minting and issuing of new NFTs
  • Using smart contracts to store user data as opposed to a database

What we learned

  • How Smart Contracts work
  • How to mint NFTs on the blockchain
  • How to connect our API to our front end

What's next for NFTR.

Currently, NFTR. facilitates club-based awards issued to students. Allowing individual students to collect tokens displaying a list of their achievements throughout their University life. In the future, we hope to accommodate a broader range of tokens for all aspects of University life. We're also currently only servicing The University of Melbourne, but plan to be able to host all universities and education facilities soon.

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