What it does

NFTOFU is the one-stop NFT portal on IC ecosystem. It integrates data analysis, user profiling, behavior monitoring, NFT activities, etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Completed NFT data synchronization on Entrepot, CCC, and will support Yumi, Jelly and other marketplace
  • Completed market, collection, holder related data analysis API
  • Completed UI of home page, collection list and details, holder list and details

What's next for NFTOFU

  • Support for user wallet login
    • Interacte with collection / NFT, favorite, like
    • Follow other users' addresses
    • User address binding to social media, such as twitter, telegram, openchat, dscvr, etc.
  • Support for more standard NFT and trading marketplaces
  • Real-time data monitoring

Built With

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