NFT Marketplace for Everyone! Our purpose is to make the NFT market as simple as possible for everyone. You do not need to have knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency. It’s just about passion and love of an art collector.

As you may know, OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace in the world currently, but it has not supported the SOLANA community yet.

Our mission is to solve this issue with the main functions as follows:

  1. Buy/sell/bid NFT with the other currency pairs, such as SOL
  2. Manage the personal collection with art proof authentication.
  3. Self-publish your NFTs with simple steps.
  4. Diverse NFT category, users are alble to filter by many criterias.
  5. Developer platform like API/SDK.
  6. Crowdfunding from NFT Magic community.
  7. Support multiple blockchain platforms.

Q3/2021 Launch five collections on SOLANA platform Launch MPV version for NFT Marketplace Open your NFT self-publishing in simple steps. Drop new collections for the NFT holders.

Q4/2021 NFT Magic's collections listing on My Marketplace,,, ... Release beta NFT Marketplace web version Organize contests for the artists and the public Launch two collections on BSC or ETH platform

Q1-2/2022 Launch official exclusive NFT Crowdfunding Support to another blockchains like Polygon, Solana, Polkadot... Release Mobile app Launch mini GameDefi

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