Welcome to a new creative playground for poets. With our website, NFTLY, a user is given a platform to see their poems published and share their creativity with the world! We wanted to give a place for people to freely write whats on their mind and let their heart express whats truly on its mind.

What it does / How we built it

While using NFTLY, the user is able to create poems (that can't be duplicated) to express their hearts and minds. Using Python Flask, HTML, and SAWO's authentication API we built our own forum from the ground up.

Challenges we ran into

In NFTLY, our end goal is to assign an NFT to each poem/post, allowing users to 'cash out' or 'buy' other poems, as one would buy artwork. This was unable to be fully implemented due to complications with Agoric's NFT system being slightly incompatible with our site/project. Another slew of issues arose with GoDaddy and Courier and pushing our webpage and notifications to these services. Due to time, we were unable to fully implement these services into our project as well, but the end goal would be a simple-to-use website as well as a notification for every 'NFTLY' of your poem, or perhaps for every x 'NFTLY's.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to build knowledge on css as well as HTML, a language we all had minimal experience with prior. In addition, learning about SAWO's and how to use it to create our login.

What's next for NFTLY

We are looking forward to implementing the use of NFT's to be able to authenticate post even further to ensure plagiarism won't occur.

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