I was heavily inspired by the project known as CryptoKitties which also has a very similar concept minus the whole fighting part. I wanted to create my own NFT game and learn the core concepts surrounding the whole ERC721s and in the process learn a lot about React and Redux!

Not to mention how fun it is to have your own collection of NFTs right at your fingertips. (Did I mention you get to own your own DRAGONS!!)

What it does

It is a NFT based game which uses the power of ERC721 token to allow all the players with a valid wallet to play the game. Mint their own NFTs and do a number of things using them!

Project Work Checklist

  • Created the Frontend
  • Written the Smart contract with all the functions
  • Was able to implement the whole fighting mechanics
  • I was unable to add the option to trade/auction your NFTs
  • I was unable to create a good looking UI with great UX
  • Added cockroach DB support

How I built it

I built it using Solidity, React, Trufle and Brownie and Cockroach DB

Challenges I ran into

It was very challenging especially react with its routing and state management was especially difficult to master and get everything to work. Solidity was charm when compared with the nightmare of react

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am very proud of the fact that most of the things were done especially considering the amount of time I had for work .

What I learned

I learned a lot about React, Redux, Solidty and how to make NFTs (ERC721s)

What's next for NFTDragons

Completing all the things I set out to do but was not able to do given the time

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