Digital assets have been on the rise lately, cryptocurrency and artwork have gathered a large audience. Given the newness of the space there is a lack of platforms that allow users to safely purchase digital assets and also supports charitable causes for those in need. By tying these two key needs together we hope to unlock great potential, creating a platform that allows NFT collectors and NFT artists to work hand in hand to create a better environment for our world.

What it does

That’s where NFT4Good comes in, NFT4Good is an online marketplace for NFTs that benefits charitable causes and enables NFT artists to convert their creativity into meaningful action. We hope to bring mainstream adoption of NFT world and make our mark by leveraging it to support charities! This will open up a whole new opportunity for blockchain charity projects, fundraising models, and hopefully make the world move one step closer to being an even better place.

So how does our platform work?

  1. An Artist produces digital artwork.
  2. Artwork then gets authenticated by NFT.
  3. Limited number of artwork becomes available through auction.
  4. Portion of the auction goes to charities of their choice.
  5. Winner of the auction gets the digital artwork.
  6. Besides, they will also get good coins every time they bid on an item, that's exchangeable with AI-generated artwork.

Key Features

  • Open art marketplace filterable by genre
  • Auction capability to support the charitable cause of your choice
  • NFT generation for new art creation that guarantees uniqueness and security
  • Support for AI-generated art on our platform
  • Trade in Crypto/Currency to purchase and auction art by connecting your crypto wallet
  • Customized art selling page to customize your target price and charity percentage
  • Trending collectibles list to help everyone keep on top of the hottest art
  • Collectible details associated on blockchain when you add it to our platform
  • Owner profiles and collectibles to share your coveted collections

How we built it

NextJS App w/ SSG, Backend on Google Cloud Functions for blockchain and crypto transactions. Firebase suite for keeping our app stateful and secure.

Challenges we ran into

  • Rate limiting for image generation, opensea transactions
  • Burnt several GBs on bandwidth consumption for Firebase Storage
  • Server-side generation with incremental static regeneration caused delays in UI reflecting current state
  • App is pretty complex with over a dozen UX flows

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Fully working AI art generation
  • Blockchain fully integrated on each charity
  • Trending that boosts popular collectibles to the top of the homepage
  • Crypto wallet

What we learned

  • APIs are fickle
  • Proxy CORS away
  • Research helps understanding where pieces fit

What's next for NFT4Good

  • Use base64 images locally to conserve bandwidth
  • Full crypto auction and transactions
  • Blockchain visualization
  • Bring social good to the world

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