I was inspired by the latest advances in generative art and ways to apply machine learning to blockchain.

What it does

The app gives you the opportunity to play and show your personality by editing the nft to your liking

How we built it

The idea is simple to connect the blockchain and machine learning. The pipelining is extremely simple, it consists in communication with the api Near and the server where the neural network will work.

Challenges we ran into

The difficulties arose in trying to tie all the components together. Authorization with wallet, display and selection nft. Also, the editing algorithm itself does not always work stably.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This idea is good, to apply machine learning to blockchain in this way.

What we learned

Near tools for developers.

What's next for NFT Vandals

Finalize a working sample application. Experiment with other features (img2video)

Built With

  • huggingface
  • near
  • nft
  • python
  • stable-diffusion
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