What’s NFT Hunt

NFT Hunt is a play to earn gaming platform based on tournament style gaming

NFT Hunt is a battle royale tournament game based on NFT's in which the user who holds the NFT till the end wins the NFT along with a secret reward. An Ecosystem for gamers to not only monetize their time but to also win beautiful nft's by playing various games in the metaverse.


There are various platforms which runs gaming tournaments but all of them face the problem of trust. As some tournaments have huge prizes there is always a chance of malicious actors. Centralized entity are somewhat dependent on a single person for critical transactions. We are here to change that. We provide gaming tournaments in our flagship games in a decentralized manner.

We believe that in game assets and rewards will become a major driving point for the NFT ecosystem. We want to be on the forefront of this innovation. A major market in gaming is the e-sports market and while the big e-sports generate a lot of hype but there is a lot of value in small events too. Capturing both the markets become very important.


We wanted to create a platform that leverages the power of Blockchain and NFT’s to empower users as well as leverage NFT's to offer a unique solution to the users. We decided to take a targeted approach and targeted utility based nft that can offer users value for money. Gaming has been around for a long time and new utilities for gaming are getting discovered. We have utilized NFT's to extract there powers.


  • Anyone can create a tournament and set a prize as encrypted NFT
  • Encrypted NFT's secret message is only visible to the owner
  • Users can participate in the tournament
  • Battle Royale Game

Game Features

  • Various in game assets as NFT
  • Battle Royale game with various features
  • Multiplayer movement integrated


  • Emerald Paratime :- To provide better user experience and remove entry barrier we have used Emerald chain as it's cost efficient as well as significantly fast. Our main logic from encryption to asset management is deployed on the Emerald paratime.

  • IPFS : For storing NFT's as well as storings data we have utilized IPFS to keep the game as decentralized as possible

Challenges we ran into 💪

Creating a game is a very tedious job and we had to work on the multiplayer aspect as well as handle security

Accomplishments that we're proud of 😎

  • Implementing signatures in smart contracts
  • Developing a working prototype

What's next for NFT Hunt ⏭️

We want to work on growing the project organically while also actively promoting it. We want to first stabilize our inhouse game launch a market place for the in game asset

  • Host tournaments
  • Form gaming guilds
  • Launch on the mainnet

jump in the game : https://nfthunt-game.b-cdn.net

Try out website : https://nfthunt.b-cdn.net

Smart Contract :0x49fde3C054385ccd83181249038a18c2aA518900

Github : https://github.com/harshu4/NFT-Hunt

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