Our team has always been super interested in blockchain technology, particularly in verifying ownership of an asset like an NFT. We also all enjoy watching livestreams on Twitch and YouTube. We wondered if it were possible for fans to own and invest in their favorite stream moments while simultaneously creating a new way to benefit content creators.

What it does

NFT Highlights allows users to easily create, upload, own, and trade NFTs of their favorite Twitch streams. With our Chrome extension, users can quickly make a clip of a stream they are watching and upload it to the Stellar blockchain. Content creators pre-register to have their clips sold and can specify a cost. From there, a user can view their owned clips on our decentralized mobile app, as well as trading it for potential profit.

How we built it

To create NFT Highlights, we used the Stellar blockchain to serve as a public ledger of clip ownership. We interfaced this with Stellar's Horizon API. A Chrome Extension created with React grabs information about the clip from the browser and sends it to our Flask backend. From there, we assemble a transaction that validates the clip as unique, pays the streamer their desired fee, and mints an NFT with the user as its owner.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for NFT Highlights

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