How I came here:

Basically, I'm learning web3 development since march 2022.

I started like many, by following Patrick Collins full 16H solidity course.

I created my own tokens.

I created my own NFT collections randomly generated.

I build my own dapps to make presales, whitelist and everything needed to sell NFTs.

And now, my goal was to get a job in web3 development.

But I felt that I needed a last project to do before really searching for a job.

And when I was thinking about that, we were May 10th. And this was the last available day to register in the chainlink hackathon. (To be able to win prices.)

So, I jumped on the opportunity and start creating my first big project.

What NFT Detector does:

On the NFTs discord servers, the creators of the NFT collection might want to do a private space for the owners of their NFTs. So that they are not just mixed up with everybody, but they can have their special place.

The NFT Detector gives a specific role to each NFT owner, to be able to recognize them.

With that role, users are able to access private chats or private vocal channels with the others NFT owners, and the devs of the project.

This creates an additional value to the NFTs: letting people access special and private content inside Discord.

And this helps to create more links between NFT holders, that are now able to talk only together, to grow a powerful community.

How it works:

The NFT detector is basically a Discord bot and a Dapp, linked by Moralis (It's a platform and a database that can easily use blockchain technologies).

The goal of the Discord Bot is to give a specific role to users who owns NFTs.

The goal of the Dapp is to link the wallet of the Discord users to their Discord usernames.

So if they own some NFTs, we will know who is the corresponding discord user.

Lastly, the goal of Moralis is to store all the data, and to find the NFT owners on the blockchain.

The biggest challenge I ran into:

The biggest challenge of this whole hackathon was the time.

I joined it at the middle, so I had only 17 days left (instead of a month).

And then, I had a lot of days were I couldn't work, because I had other things planned to do.

At the end, I only worked 11 days on my project. So that was really short to develop this whole project by myself.

Fun fact: I'm currently in my second sleepless night in a row, typing my project summary 3 hours before the deadline (I'm in France, it's actually 3 am now). And I still need to record, edit and post the presentation video of my project... Wish me luck! 😅😂

The future of The NFT Detector:

Currently, when I'm submitting my project May 27th, all of the functionalities aren't finalized.

The bot and the dapp are working perfectly.

But I need to get the data back from Moralis, to the bot. To be able to link the wallet addresses and the discord usernames, to add roles to the server members.

I know this is just a little thing to do, but I ran out of time.

So in the next week, I will finalize this project, to make it entirely work.

And I've planned to suggest it to few NFT discord servers. That way, it will really be useful!


Thank you so much for reading! I am proud to have come this far in my project!

As I've said, I'm currently searching for a job in web3 development so don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested. 😁

PS : There might be some errors in english in my text, because I'm French and I'm still not perfectly bilingual. Sorry for that!

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