We receive an ad nft from opensea, and we want to make NFT Ads funny, reliable and benefit to everyone.

What it does

Compared with Web2 online advertisement injecting, lower cost is the biggest advantage of Web3 NFT ADs. Because of the clean figures, you needn't pay any unnecessary cost for advertising like in Web2 which may not bring effective results. NFT ADs' COST = Service Fee + Gas Fee.

How we built it

We deploy an ERC-1155 smart contract on Polygon testnet to send NFTs to target group, and reward people who burn the Ad NFT on our website with some $MATIC.


  • Polygon: All contracts and NFTs are on Polygon.
  • IPFS: We stored NFT ADs' info on IPFS.
  • Node.js: for backend.
  • Mysql:for login status
  • Chainlink: random num generated to verify people have done advertisers' tasks

Challenges we ran into

Chainlink's VRFConsumerBase has v1 and v2 version, and we stuck in VRF Coordinator for a lot time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We success in deploying a smart contract and our website, which allow anyone who receive our nft ads to earn some money from our ad nft

What we learned

Chainlink stiil has a lot for us to learn

What's next for NFT Ads

We will join in gitcoin and try to award people tokens not only on Polygon, but also aave, bsc.

Built With

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