It started off when i was introduced to the concept of twitch extensions and emotes. Essentially they're reactions to the streamers' content by using pre approved emotes. This lead to the idea that why can't we use clips of clutch moments of these streams as emotes instead (as NFTs that is). This idea developed further into having a twitch extension on which fans can earn fan points by using these NFTs that they purchased in order to level up tier wise which will end up giving them better access to the creator via exclusive Discord channels, restricted streaming sessions and now a way for them to interact with the creator via a multiverse sort of setup.

What it does

Content creation has become a gigantic mess of multiple platforms whereby the creators cannot create a uniform identity across all the platforms across which they upload content to. Apart from this people are willing to pay extra money to the creators’ they like in order to be part of an exclusive class of fans which get perks such as access to restricted content and sessions with the creators.

We envisioned a metaverse setting where everything to do with the creator(The platform’s they stream on, exclusive content, special events, etc) will happen under one roof.

Apart from the special events the product involves providing “tier restricted content”, what this means essentially is that depending on how much the fans interact with the creator (during their streams and social media), they get points which contribute in increasing their tiers. Higher the tier the more exclusive content the fan gets to unlock/ personalized sessions with the creator or exclusive access to discord channels where the creator is active.

Essentially we are trying to sell access to the creator as a function of how much the fan is willing to spend or alternatively interact with the creator on their regular streaming / social media platforms.

The product that we are proposing consists of 4 parts:

  • Metaverse: a single platform in the form of a metaverse in a pokemon RPGish style (one for each creator) where the fans can roam about and interact with other fans. The functions of this metaverse will include. A designated place for fans to get together and have watch parties of the creator’s content. A spot where exclusive content can be accessed upon owning certain NFTs or hitting a tier level (for example “video A” will be available to watch only if the fan owns a “NFT a “ or has a “tier x” ) A place for the creator’s to host events (since most fans of a creator are from various countries this becomes the most viable way to host events). This has been partially implemented as shown in the demo below: link
  • Stream Clips as NFTs: Enable the creator to take iconic moments on their stream and mint them as NFTs which their fans will be able to purchase(these will behave as a utility tokens in the next section of the product). These could appreciate in value as well over time especially if they are rare/ have some relevance at a later time.
  • NFT Stream: This will be a client on the streamers side which will be overlaid on top of their actual stream. This will contain a stream of NFTs that the fans have owned(from the previous part of the product) and reacted with on the chat. Essentially a way for the fans to cheer their creator on during the streams. Each time the fan reacts with the NFT points are added to the fans profile after certain thresholds they get promoted to higher tiers (for which the creator can give them shout outs during streams, these higher tiers also unlock exclusive content that the fan couldn’t access before)
  • Discord bots: This is part of the process of incentivising the fans to purchase the NFTs . These bots will check if the fan has the relevant tier ,if those are satisfied then they are allowed to join a discord server/channel where the creator is active and get to chat with them about possible future content ideas and a lot more. Here as well the discord bots will keep track of the amount of engagement each fan displays , this can be used by the creator to offer, say, a monthly give away to the “top fan” on that channel.

We have prototypes for parts 1, 2 and 3 as mentioned above. Check it out in the youtube link below: link link So basically the flow of using the product goes as follows:

  • The content creator logs in via their twitch account(we will extend this to youtube and twitter as well to capture a bigger scale of creators).
  • The creator gets on the website and uploads their clips(in the demo it is images but it’s supposed to be short clips) as metadata and mints NFTs that can be purchased by the fans.
  • Once the fan purchases it they can head over to the creator’s platform(in this case twitch) and upon connecting their wallet all the NFTs that they own will be visible to them on the twitch extension, they can now click on them to react to the creator’s stream.
  • Upon reacting multiple times the fan’s tier level increases which gets logged to the extension this will enable the creator to give this fan a shoutout during their stream.
  • Currently we are working on a prototype for the metaverse platform and the discord bots for the exclusive channel access.

How we built it

We built it around hardhat tooling and nextjs for the frontend market. For the twitch extension we used a barebones React setup with backend services on NodeJs using for the real time message transfers. I implemented lazy minting by getting the creator to sign the messages and getting the purchaser to pay for the gas fee.

Challenges we ran into

Biggest issue was setting up lazy minting since i wasn't very familiar with the whole concept and then i found this amazing video by openzeppelin link which gave me a better insight as to how to go about it.

Another part where i ran into a bunch of issues was in the development of the twitch extension. Since it was in the form of an iFrame there was a lot of issues when it came to getting the extension up and running since there was a lot of configuration that needed to be done manually .Due to this building the extension was quite a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I managed to build quite a big chunk of the project and later ideated an even better solution for creators.

What we learned

Over the course of building out this project i picked up how to deploy contracts using Infura and hardhat, writing smartcontracts, how to go about implementing a protocol for lazy minting, learnt to work with a react frame work NextJs, picked up a bit of game development as well while building out the demo for the metaverse.

What's next for NFsTreamer

Going forward i'm looking to build this project out further and get a few clients onboard . Since the MVP will require the metaverse i am planning on building that out by the end of june 30th Following which we will start onboarding clients After receiving feedback i will reiterate on the product and fix a few features before offering it on beta

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