Most NFT premints use off chain raffles that are lack of transparency and easy to tamper. We use Chainlink VRF to guarantee the fair distribution.

What it does

NFPass allows creators to create on chain events, raffles, club membership NFTs using smart contracts with zero coding. You can create and sell membership pass NFTs, for exclusive access of product features, members only content, and NFT drops. You can create and manage virtual events, live concerts, parties and NFT sales, and run on chain raffle campaigns with provable randomness powered by Chainlink VRF V2.

How we built it

Here is a breakdown of some of the technology we use for NFPass platform. The on-chain raffles smart contract is powered by Chainlink VRF V2. The media files and metadata are stored in the IPFS network. We use moralis for web 3.0 authentication and on chain data. To provide refundable NFT feature, we’ve created ERC721RA NFT standard that gives buyers extra confidence to mint NFTs and freedom return NFTs within a given period.

Challenges we ran into

Chainlink VRF doesn't have a default upgradable contract, so we have created a VRFConsumerBaseV2Upgradable. There is also no refundable NFT standard. So we've created the ERC721RA and made it opensourse for everyone.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have created the complete platform's core functionality including beautiful UI and powerful smart contract within a very short period.

What we learned

  • Powerful Chainlink technology
  • Smart Contract Clone Factory to provide codeless smart contracts creation for creators
  • Moralis technology for web3.0 development
  • IPFS best practice for NFT creation

What's next for NFPass - Non-Fungible Pass with Chainlink VRF

NFPass simply the on chain smart contract creation for creators. So that they can easily manage on-chain events and membership. We are going to launch the platform in June and make it a go-to place for creators to create, manage, and sell membership (think Eventbrite/Ticketmaster but web3.0).

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