As you all known, NFT wasn’t applied recently. In fact, it has been four years since the phenomenal NFT app, CryptoKitties, was firstly released on Ethereum, however, NFT became more widely available to blockchain enthusiasts until early 2021. At present, NFT is more commonly adopted in the collection and circulation of encrypted artworks, with lightning-fast increase on its commercial value, and in the future, there still will be a vast potential on NFT. For example, GAMES! If you are a gamer, it would be easy for you to understand the concept that the gamer's account is only valuable when they are still active in traditional online games, but once they are AFK (Away from keyboard), the value they used to create will disappear over time, but through NFT, this can be saved. The value of gamers can be carried by NFT in games, for example, a shiny gold M4A1, or eye-catching, gorgeous clothing, both can be the carrier with NFT, even when the gamer leaves, the circulation of the value still can be achieved. NFT could be more! Rising in 2018 and explosion in 2020, DeFi has become the focus in the encryption industry just within two years. Comparing centralized exchanges, the most important DeFi product, decentralized exchanges (DEX) has two incomparable advantages: firstly, all transaction data is open and transparent, without any backroom deals, secondly, transactions are accessible for everyone. This kind of irreversible development originates from people's pursuit of openness and freedom. When this technology is applied in game industry, combining with games, an open world that allows free transactions with reliability and transparency, openness and fairness will be born, shaping a new economic system for games. NFT is changing the value-base of the game, while DeFi is also gradually endowing game with a whole new value system. When this two are combined, it will truly lead the game Dapp into a whole new generation!

What it does

To build a new form of next-generation blockchain games. Under the premise of the new value distribution mechanism brought by blockchain, NEXTYPE will take the game as the core starting point, to break through the economic system of traditional gaming with numerical structure as the core, combine tokens, NFT and DeFi as the core value link of the game, commit to become the greatest game-Dapp portal and ecosystem, and promote the rapid development of the combination between game and blockchain technology.

How we built it

To achieve our goals,we are laying out the following three core product segments. 1.Game Products - Blockchain Game Matrix 2.Protocol Products - NFT Value Exchange Protocol 3.Flow Products - NT Gamebox

Challenges we ran into

1.Blockchain games have certain barriers to entry and education costs for traditional gamers. 2.The technical characteristics of blockchain itself have limitations for implementing some complex game play, but this is not a big problem. 3.The technology itself is not a problem for us, the most important thing is the accumulation and expansion of users.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1.We have been officially invited to become a BGA (Blockchain Game Alliance)member. 2.At the already concluded whitelist reservation campaign for the initial game MiningTycoon, which attracted more than 40,000 players all over the world,covering more than 130 countries and regions. 3.NEXTYPE token $NT has been officially included in the Coinmarketcap.

What we learned

Learn to listen to the needs of users and try to develop fun games that meet the preferences of blockchain game players, so more fun and easy to earn become the core of attracting users.

What's next for NEXTYPE

1.NEXTYPE will soon open a grand airdrop campaign in co-operation with Coinmarketcap. 2.In the middle of this month, the initial game MiningTycoon was officially launched in the public test, and synchronized with the iterative version has been developed with the operation rhythm update release. 3.The game NFT MASTER has entered the technical development stage, and is expected to complete the demo version in about 1 month and conduct internal testing for community users. NVEP protocol has entered development and will be launched on the test network as soon as possible.

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