Kasra was chilling in Peterborough and he passed by a museum. He really wanted to go, but had a presentation to go to right then. BOOM an idea hits him - what if he were reminded to go to this when he had time? So began the train of thought which led to NextTime

What it does

NextTime allows you to create reminders that, as far as we can tell, are not provided by any of the bajillion other reminder apps that exist.

The first of these allows you to remind you of something based on proximity to a friend (e.g. next time I see Dev, remind me to pay him the 50 dollars I owe him; next time I see my friend, remind me to wish them a happy belated birthday).

The second of these is 'classes' of locations. Rather than looking at a specific location, we allow you to set reminders for vague things like 'coffee shop', 'grocery store', or 'ATM'.

How we built it

We used Swift to make an iOS app that pushes and retrieves location data from Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

Getting Facebook login to work was especially tricky.

What I learned

Only one of the four of us had ever worked with iOS prior to this weekend, so there was a LOT learned on that front.

What's next for nexttime

Further classes of smarter reminders, such as those look at what kind of

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