As the restaurants starting to reopen after the shutdown, their seating capacity for dine-in option are still limited by the government. To get through these times, they would likely needed to rely on their takeout/delivery sales to get by. Many restaurants have already closed down for good. Throughout the years I have lost so many of my favorites restaurants that have great food but perhaps does not adequate fund or cashflow.

What it does

NextTakeout is a meal subscription service, users will be able to buy a prepaid monthly allotment for his/her favorite local eateries. They will then be able to schedule the meal selection and pickup when it's ready.

How I built it

Using Flutter as a frontend and Firebase as a backend with Square as a payment system.

Challenges I ran into

As a team of one, I have to choose which features I have to leave out of the MVP. Never join hackathon before and not knowing how flesh out the prototype should be for the submission. Not enough time to finish what i want.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First time participating in a hackathon, utilizing new languages/technology that i've never use before and manage to finish prototype within the deadline while super busy with OT at my fulltime job this past few weeks.

What I learned

Flutter/Dart and Firebase

What's next for NextTakeout


  • QR code delivery pickup
  • Map base with gps location range for restaurant search menu Next Phase put gamification aspect to this, so user can compete to be the top supporter of the restaurant/bakery/coffee shop. e.g. Showing the top 10 patrons of each business. (Business can choose to reward these patrons) Also plan to provide delivery service that is more cost effective than Uber/SkipTheDish/DoorDash so that the business can pocket more of the money.
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