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The Powerpoint tool you never realized you needed...


Have you ever been presenting and gotten into a flow for that flow to only be ruined by the menial task of switching the slide? It ruins the flow and makes for a sloppy presentation as you run across the stage to click the button. If only there was a better way... With our tool NextSlide, you are able to present and not worry about controlling the presentation. The presentation knows when to go to the next slide based on how you are speaking. All you need is python3, a few libraries, and a presentation you want to share with the world.


Install the required packages in the requirements.txt file. Run the using Python3. Input the .pptx file you want to present. Open up the presentation, hit play, and start talking! The program automatically detects text and a few commands for situations where there's no text on the slide.


In addition to speech recognition, we have added a few commands to speak for moving around the presentation. Next slide, previous slide, and exit.


This uses the MIT License. Respect it please.

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