NEXTLAB.TECH is an adaptive platform for remote online personalized education. The main functionalities are: (1) orchestrate online remote learning flows&paths that adapt to the needs of each child; (2) create smart online remote tests; (3) run educational hackathons for learning and for supervised testing; (4) manage classrooms equipped with advanced technologies(drones, 3D printers, robots) and makerspaces.

NEXTLAB.TECH started in 2017 in Bucharest, Romania in order to offer an AI based technological solution to the schools and parents that were interested to create attractive STEM learning experiences for pupils in primary and secondary education. It grew to become an adaptive learning learning engine that was used by thousands of teachers during pilot projects.

With the support of a local Romanian bank(BCR), we were able start a national pilot project in January 2020. The number of registered teachers and pupils surprised everyone. There are 30500 registered user accounts! The AI engine has proved to be capable to support learning at a national scale.

We also run robotics hackathons. The initial motivation was because we wanted to test our solution and they also generated a small income stream. However, the robo hackathons for pupils grew rapidly attracting hundreads of schools, thousands of children and numerous users and sponsors. In 2020, NEXTLAB.TECH is running a sequence of robotics hackatohns for pupils aged 8-16. A hackathon has turned out to be a learning experience in itself for many children and teachers.

The euvsvirus hackathon gave us the opportunity to create our first learning flow in English. Partciapating was a great and intense expereince. I hope you will like our AI engine!

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