Nextjunction will change the way you travel on the motorway.

All the motorway junctions, and over 1000 facilities, in England, Scotland and Wales are listed on NextJunction. Facilities include motorway services, petrol stations, pubs, restaurants, hotels, attractions and camp sites.

NextJunction is a bespoke database held locally on the iPhone or iPod Touch. Therefore it is available when a network connection is not available. The database is continually growing, and regular updates are sent directly to the iPhone or iPod Touch.

The user can browse the database by motorway for planning a future journey, or use the NextJunction Locator (aided by GPS) when they need to know what facilities are coming up on the motorway they are travelling on.

Motorway services can be convenient, but they offer expensive fuel and food to motorists who are unaware of other facilities available off the next junction. NextJunction will therefore save motorists money and generate new customers to businesses who would normally miss their passing trade - the UK’s motorways represent 33% of daily traffic and on average 150,000 vehicles a day drive past any given point on the UK motorway network.

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