Systematic approach is a key to success and to be systematic the foremost thing is to be on schedule for any task. Missing medical prescriptions is one of the biggest challenge in quick recovery of a patient, we don't expect you to be reading labels on your medicines all the time, so we bring a handy solution to get you to recover quickly and on top of this we generalize it for everything else.

What it does

NextIs is a universal platform for subscribing and creating schedules which work on a subscription pattern. The real power comes from the amount of customization allowed which makes the app work in all domains, say keeping track of your medicine schedule.

How We built it

We started building the architecture of the app and the work flow. We moved to chosing the right stack and hence ended up chosing PWA with React.js as our frontend and Node (Express) for our backend. We then started by making the bare admin side first and then moved to creating the client interface. We then added features one after another in a paticulare timeline for the app.

Challenges We ran into

We used bootstrap CDN with react as it was more flexible initially but later on when trying to use components that use jquery we ran into trouble and had to figure out solutions quickly and hence forth we found the solution.

Accomplishments that We are proud of

The amount of customization allowed on the user end is exceptional in accordance to our view.

What We learned

We got to learn 1) How to deal with pressure and timelines. 2) Dividing work to improve efficiency. 3) Hands-on experience of product development.

What's next for NextIs

The future scope for NextIs is: 1) Widget for application for easy access. 2) There will be option of syncing of the schedule with Google or Microsoft calendar so that user can get alerts on all platforms. 3) There will be recommender system which will recommend the user for subscription of similar kinds. 4)This platform can be easily integrated with Internet of Things and smart devices. Where by calling an API or by sending a command it can trigger various function.

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