People spend about 6 months to a year just waiting in lines, this will help to shorten that time by allowing people to shop or relax while waiting in line. Also with winter coming and the height of the pandemic just around the corner, for small businesses where customers cannot wait inside, this gives them the option to wait in their car.

What it does

It allows the business to create lines which generate a unique QR code, customers are then able to scan this code to enter the line. Then when that person is next in line, they receive a text notification telling them their spot is ready.

How I built it

Front end was built using React, node.js, cloudant, and html. Back end was built using python with flask framework.

Challenges I ran into

We had a bit of trouble getting the text notifications to work in collaboration with the queue and database but we resolved this issue rather quickly.

Accomplishments I am proud of

I think we are all proud of how the final prototype came together and that we were able to bring our idea into reality.

What I learned

We definitely all learned a lot more about APIs and certain coding languages we may not all have been well-versed in.

What's next for NextInLine

Not sure at this point, if we do well within this hackathon we may possibly branch out if it seems like businesses have a need for this sort of thing. I think we will think more about it once we all get some sleep.

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