Fully Decentralised Method of raising Funds

What it does

Dual Token Bonding Curve for Governance Token

How we built it

Please refer BondingCurve/

Challenges we ran into

  • Implementing Mathematical Formula in Smart Contracts

What we learned

  • Liquid Proof-Of-Staking

  • Bonding Curves

  • Automated Market Maker

What's next for NextGenSwap

Our Plan was to start building DeFi Applications on the Tezos Ecosystem.

We have started our journey by introducing our Fund Raising Mechanism for the Governance Token in this hackathon.

We are working on developing a Stable Swap Invariant AMM (Automated Market Maker) in the coming Month.

We would be happy to share our progress on StableSwap with the mentors.

Built With

  • nuxt
  • smartpy
  • taquito
  • tezos
  • vercel
  • vue
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