You got a last minute notice that your nanny can’t come today? - Sign up to Nextdoorhelp and ask for help from neighbors! Need chairs for party? - someone next door can lend theirs to you! You just notice that you don’t have a suit for today’s special event? - Yours neighbors might have one extra! Healthy dinner? -Yes! Someone can come and cook it for you! chat with NEIGHBORS AND APPRECIATE THEM - with easy pay!! find someone who live nearby!!

What it does

We build an android app to send help request to server, and we find nearby helpers with Esri and send notifications using Twillo to neighbors who subscribe to our service. Once the requester decide which helper to choose, they can help each other and rate each other and pay them easily with Braintree

How we built it

We deploy our backend Node js app to Heroku with sponsored domain name and use node js api of Twillo and Braintree to process our request. On Android client app we implement Esri api endpoint.

What we learned

APIs from Esri, Twillo and Braintree!

What's next for NEXTDOORHELP

IOS app, web site, video call, rating of helpers

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