I want to connect people from around the world in one simple application. Though Moxtra may be for business and collaboration, that does not restrict it from being used to share ideas, culture, and some interesting conversation.

How it works

Users would need a Moxtra account before using the service. The user would select their host country (more to be added) and then select a target country they want to connect to. Moxtra would then launch and then people from both countries would be able to talk with one another via meet.

Challenges I ran into

-Stylistic errors, lack of knowledge, no prior knowledge of how APIs work, lack of experience, having to do everything by myself from scratch

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-Creating lots of JQuery Events that look nice, learning more about angular js, implementing an API

What I learned

-Lots of frontend! How to execute lots of JQuery events simultaneously. Manipulating the DOM. Color schemes.

What's next for Nextdoor Neighbors

-Working more with the Moxtra API, making the application more general and easier to use, improving the UI

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