Our application is a way to crowdsource song selection to the masses. At any club, part of the excitement is not knowing what the DJ will play next. But sometimes, their selection can be awfully lackluster. So we thought, what if we, as a club goers, had a say in what the DJ plays.

Our target user is anyone that likes to throw parties, DJs, and of course party goers. Basically, an event planner creates and event, and the app records its location. Then when the party goers arrive, they can easily connect to the event (using location services). Once a part of an event, clubbers can easily suggest songs, and upvote and downvote other suggestions. The Dj can see this, and choose his songs accordingly.

There are plenty of features that we would have liked to implement, but were simply to complicated to implement in such a short time, but I am most proud of how well the location services works.

The app is far from complete, and was my first foray in ios development. The website is a bit more polished and should be a good measure of what our long term goals are.

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