This is an extension which CS beginners can use it to learn ML and Data Science!


nEXT is a solo-made project which is mainly focussed on building extension for those who start their Data Science journey ahead. It consists of 8 extensions (mainly focussed on Python3 and not IPYNB) which the user can immediately jump and start learning the basics!

This extension pack contains two self-made extensions (nEXT-snippets, nEXT-edu). I wanted to make it as a ext-pack so that beginners can relieve tension for installing each at a time. You can install separate extensions from the list but those two are mandatory and important!


I'm a ML enthusiast and I like to work with Data Science. So, I spent a lot of time trying to learn the basics! To avoid that burden, I decided to create a extension pack which includes all the VS Code pre-requirements to work with Python for Data Science. That's how I got the idea of making the extension "nEXT"

Technology used

I used yeoman to create a basic extension template (both for snippets and extensions). Then I used my old ML codes to take the snippets and create basic commands to import them. Finally, I learned and created an Azure DevOps account to review and publish the extension using vsce tool.

Challenges I faced

I didn't know that VS Code extensions can be created at the beginning. Creating an extension is a challenging one, because I had to think what the user has to code, the various scenarios and the basic needs. I had to work on making extensions, rethink about the needs, update the version again and again! But that is exciting!

What I learned

  1. Creating a basic VS Code extension and extension pack

  2. Creating custom Code snippets

  3. Publishing the extension pack to the VS Code Marketplace using vsce

  4. Theory about JSON packages and version control

  5. How to spend time efficiently in making a software!

What I'm Proud Of

Earlier I used to think of how extensions work and co-operate! Now, I learned the basics and I'm confident that I can create and publish extensions to benefit the users who are new to CS.

What's next?

Since I learned about creating VS Code extensions, I'll now try to create some to help for the beginners who are interested to learn about technology by contributing to Open Source and publishing it!

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