Trying to get information about the bus or train can be cumbersome, especially when you need to make quick decisions. Depending on the city you may need to use the web, rely on information from kiosks or displays, or even worse maps or static departure information on bus stops. I've personally been burned on this in my home town of Seattle, and have found apps that help in this regard, but even pulling out a phone can be cumbersome if you are carrying things with you.

This is where Next Up! comes in. Next Up! is a pebble app (smartwatch for iPhone/Android), that leverages real time data and your geolocation to tell you what transit stops/stations are near you, and what are the estimated arrival times of the trains/buses for those locations. By leveraging pebble, we connect relevant information to your watch from your phone.

Our target users are people who own smart phones and rely on public transit. For YC Hacks we built a prototype that uses realtime data for the local BART system. We imagine using a mix of available city APIs and scraping information (using Kimono) to scale this up to other cities, and we are likely to build this out after the hackathon for our home town's transit (Seattle).

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