• Many of blockchain use cases, e.g.; supply chain; are about business processes that need to be shared between multiple participants, business enterprises, governments, 3rd party etc.
  • managerial audience have almost no "direct" interaction with modelling , modification and execution of the process, developers, technical oriented material like smart contract implemented in programming languages, and long changes development lifecycles, set in between.
  • bpmn Business Process Modelling and Notation have been stable for about a decade and widely used by enterprises like SAP, Oracle, etc.- not to mention similar in-house ones like AWS step, etc.

What it does

A parachain that exeutes business models directly targeted mainly for business managerial audience.

  • it can integrate with existing smart contract ecosystems, for example Ethereum VM parachains, by means of precompiled contract interfaced to -check process status -perform activities -assign contracts.

How we built it

  • Substrate pallet, in Rust
  • dApp to model, start and monitor models, in polkadot js and bpmn-js

Challenges we ran into

  • I'm new to rust, and not the best at front end development :)
  • small snippets on the internet that do not work as expected, combined with my beginner experience with rust and substrate

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • invite more nontechnical audience to blockchain world
  • better communicate between developer and dApp development business client.
  • potentially cut down development auditing and deployment time and cost for business dApps
  • Original work

What we learned

What's next for Next Step

  • integrate with major parachains

Built With

  • bpmn-js
  • frame
  • polkadot-js
  • rust
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