Based on the social enterprise Keeper, which was presented to the UN in September of 2016, Next Period hopes to eliminate the stigma surrounding menstruation and ensure that all women and girls are able to continue their educations. Next Period will utilize the Amazon Dash button in a way that hasn't been seen before- to donate to NGOs already working on the ground in countries of need.

What it does

After an inital order of sanitary products or educational materials at an online store, users are sent a Dash button that will create an easy way to reorder. Products in the online store will be marked up by a dollar which will be given directly to NGOs such as Days for Girls, Stand for Education and UNICEF.

How we built it

By utilizing Amazon Dash's Internet of Everything button and hacking it to sell from our store, users will receive an instantaneous e-mail confirmation once the button is pressed and they will also have options to post to social media that they have given to charity and that they are utilizing the product.

Challenges we ran into

The realization that we were not only designing a new type of technology, but an entire enterprise that relies on it. We were also a bit naive about the feasibility of partnerships with large organizations and influencers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are happy to have come up with a plan that could change the way people donate. It is also a sustainable plan that can help grow ideas and products from future Merit 360 events.

What we learned

As a program that includes Changemakers, Creatives and Developers, we were able to learn loads of techniques and technologies that we would not have known otherwise.

What's next for Next Period

We hope to continue growing the online store so that we can eventually partner with Amazon and grow the suite of products for buyers.

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