We walked into the hackathon and started brainstorming, soon realised that we were surrounded whiteboards and TV screens (very nice place!) but did not have any whiteboard markers. Surely, the technology that we have in our hands and pockets should be able to substitute for a whiteboard.

What it does

Our product enables a group of people who come together to collaborate, be it a class of students or people in a meeting, to share their ideas with each other. One central large screen is needed, and regions of the main screen can be allocated to each of the members. Every member can write on the whiteboard at the same time, and what they write is drawn on the main screen in real time.

When would it come in useful?

If you are a teacher, you could let your students present solutions in class, or make classes more interactive. If you are in a project brainstorming session, either as a student or in the workplace, this could raise productivity and save the environment.

How we built it

The product consists of two separate webapps built with javascript and canvas, linked together by an AWS server running python flask.

Challenges we ran into

  • Optimize latency for real-time streaming
  • Very sleepy, almost missed breakfast
  • Unfamiliarity with new libraries

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The app works!

What we learned

Collaboration is life!

Why Us?

We found similar tools to be hard to set up and use. Our tool can be set up in an instance. No accounts required either! This tool is web-based, so anyone on any platform can use it.

What's next for Next-Gen Whiteboard

After improving usability and providing more functionalities, it can be possibly integrated into our classes.

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