I'm a good sales rep but as a founder of a startup, I have a million other things in the way. I need to push my pipeline but with sales only getting 20% of my time I needed a way to prioritize my deals and know who I needed to talk to next.

That's how "Next for Salesforce" was born.

Next takes all my salesforce data and analysis and prioritizes it by the contacts I have the best chance of closing the deal with.

Next uses three categories to score your relationship with your contact.

Ratio, Freshness, and Clout.

Ratio: Scores each contact based on win/loss ratio, deal size, and past roles they took on the opportunity.

Freshness: Scores each contact based on the activities completed and social networks connection proximity.

Clout: Scores each contact based on chatter data, searching for the deals and contacts that are most important to the opportunity and your organization.

Login Instructions:

  1. Visit http://nextforsalesforce.herokuapp.com/ in Safari on IOS mobile phone.
  2. Create a web app
  3. Launch the web app
  4. Log In Screen has user name and password already supplied. Select Log in. Features 1.Use the application to do any of the following: a-make a phone call b-schedule an appointment c-link to Salesforce (this will pull up the contact in our demo database) d-complete a "logged" activity
  5. See multiple scored contacts for an opportunity. a- In the upper right corner of the screen each opportunity shows how many contacts are associated to that account and their scores. This is to be used in case the first contact is not available.
  6. Flip card to see the contacts NEXT SCORE by clicking the upper right corner of the card. A- Click on each score to see what the score is about.

Video: https://vimeo.com/79940437

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