Project Name: Next-Dream-Home

Elevator Pitch: Dreaming a new home but don't know where to start? Feeling overwhelmed with dozens of websites but don't know which one to trust? Troubling with acronyms and industry jargons and worrying that you might miss some important details? Join the club and we all felt the same so we want to offer an improved solution! Using our property search tool, Next-Dream-Home, you will be able to find your dream properties using our bespoke design, a smart and tailored approach just for you. Whether you are looking for a price bargain that has good return potentials, an ideal location that close to your desired amenities, or functionalities that are suitable to your family needs, we have it all covered! Fill up the information below to view your dream properties now.

Project summary: Next-Dream-Home (Name TBD) is an interactive web application that helps users to identify for-sale properties given users' search criteria such as price ranges, city and county locations, living area requirements and their long-term growth needs. To facilitate better user experience, we created an easy-to-use webpage, allowing users to select their ideal attributes by selecting items from the drop-down boxes. Once the submit button is pressed, the app, written in JavaScript, will send users' inputs to the back-end, written in Python, which pulls dynamic data via HTTP API calls from a third party data provider and returns our ranked score back to the web application and leverages Google Map API to enhance the aesthetics. Since we have very limited control on data quality that our API provides, we managed to build an error preventing yet simple filtering system to only process available information. To optimize running efficiency and avoid redundant calculations, we utilize the skillsets we developed in data structure and algorithms courses. For example, we chose to avoid HashMap and mimicked the argsort in our score sorting methodology to achieve speed and space efficiency. There are more items that we want to add to this tool such as log-in, even smarter finders, send to your inbox feature and notifications ,etc but that can only be done after the hackathon due to our time constraints.

Built With

  • api:-googlemapsapi-for-map
  • front-end:-html
  • javascript
  • jquery
  • rapid-api-for-data-back-end:-python-(flask)-as-server
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