One of my daily rituals is to start each day with free writing and musical improvisation. Coda has become my home base for these exercises. I wanted to get away from the patterns where my fingers usually fell while I played piano so I built a pack that would give help me find new chord progressions and material for improvisation. It would also be nice to quickly reference any songs that use that progression to practice my ear training. Enter Coda Pack Studio.

What it does

The Next Chord Pack takes an input of any any chord or chord progression and finds the most likely next chords to use and a list of songs that use that progression. The pack returns everything from the most basic chords to some more rare and interesting chord ideas.

How we built it

Pack Studio in the Web Browser

Challenges we ran into

Working with the input to the formula to make it interactive and parsing the JSON to reveal chord symbols that were relevant.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of the pack's ability to help musicians of all levels find and learn the language of music. It is basically like hiring a music theory professor to give you advice.

What we learned

Music Theory is a database and language in its own right!

What's next for Chord Predictor

I would love to build some writing exercise docs and par it with some lyrical idea packs. It would also be amazing to add some sound creation or music notation elements!

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