The project started a few months ago when with our group of impact-driven changemakers we sat down together and discussed ideas for a project that would create significant impacts for society while solving multiple challenges that society is facing, from poverty, food shortage, wealth distribution, to governance, and economic crisis.

Among the areas discussed are fintech, environment, civic engagement. However, after much debating and consideration, we feel that applicable education and better jobs security is the solution to various problems in society. Today automation and digitalization are changing the fundamentals of work. Automation is rapidly replacing human tasks, increasing productivity, exerting both positive and negative effects on society.

We also see that millions of people are losing their jobs, due to multiple social and economic factors, including the unforeseen event of the COVID-19. We believe that a jobs site utilizing the gig economy which is free to use and free of transaction fee would have a tremendous positive impact on the lives of the people affected by the situation. started as a project to improve the way jobs and education synergize, creating an environment filled with opportunities to learn and to get purposeful jobs while earning ownership of the platform itself, for long term financial stability. We as a team pledged to run it not for profits, but for a positive and long-lasting impact.

We believe that with community efforts, we can transform the current global challenge, into a positive opportunity to change the way that jobs and education are delivered today. Implementing better policies on our platforms and collectively improve working and learning environments.

We have beta-launched the jobs part, and we’re currently developing the education part.

What it does

A new, different, Education and Jobs platform. A place where everyone can learn practical skills, building their own modular education path. To then be connected with better jobs. Creating a virtuous circle of learning, accessing better jobs and learning more.

The platform would work with institutional partners and governments to understand the job's demands, and listing on the platform clear data on what is the current and near-future demand.

On the other side, we are planning to develop skills for the long-term future. Including those jobs that are going to be essential for our civilization, both in developing countries and established economies. Including medical research, energies and technological advancement, waste management, healthcare, social skills, and more education paths that today are not fully empowered or properly trained across the globe.

How I built it

We have built most of the platform with PHP and WordPress based, as we are also aligned and supportive of the Wordpress Foundation philosophy of open source internet innovation.

Challenges I ran into

Building a project relying solely on our limited resources, while having other duties to fulfill in parallel.

Also creating an initial community for the beta test, and conveying a positive message has proven to carry its challenges.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having seen our team going through challenges, driven by passion, to make the world a better place, and not by the idea of profiting or exploiting people for success.

having launched a great platform, and seeing users signing up, starting to find better and more purposeful jobs.

What I learned

We have learned to be more efficient, better at managing our time and resources. With limited manpower and commitment time, we managed to launch Nextbillionjobs while learning to better work remotely due to the pandemic situation.

What's next for Next Billion Jobs

Now that the jobs platform is live, we'll begin the development of the Education side. We are forming a committee of industry experts to create content that will inspire and empower with mindful skills/courses for the next generation. For this, we'll have to implement our software further and also gather more experts, educators, trainers.

While also growing the demand for jobs, through partnerships with companies and governments.

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