Have you ever been stuck thinking of a project idea?

Next Big Thing is here to save the day. Just one click of a button and you've got your next million dollar hackathon idea!

What it does

The Next Big Thing AI model is trained on Devpost's very own database of project ideas and descriptions. When you click the Get an Idea button, you're drawing on the collective genius of the entire Devpost community!

We also threw in some convenient additional features. Next Big Thing offers:

  • A fully featured pastebin that allows you to store and share project ideas and documentation
  • Social media integration features for sharing great ideas with your friends and coworkers
  • A link shortener for efficiently sharing links with your team
  • A ToDo list to manage your team's progress and future plans

How we built it

The primary AI model is built with Markov chains. It has been trained on the Devpost project database. The secondary model, currently a work in progress, uses an LSTM model to generate even more natural ideas. We used Python to build the machine learning models, Flask for the web frontend, and the ELK stack for logging. We used ClojureScript for the ToDo list and Docker to containerize the app.

Challenges we ran into

LSTM's are hard to get right! Also, ClojureScript is rather esoteric and was a challenging choice for this project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This site is brilliant, and has already spun off multiple Silicon Valley unicorn startups.

What we learned

Sometimes the best ideas are randomly generated

What's next for Next Big Thing

  • Get the LSTM model working to get bigger and better project ideas
  • Train a project name generator so you can get a great original name for your next project
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