*NexRuiter was designed to solve a problem that students and recruiters face at career fairs. Come career fairs and each student takes truck loads of resumes and stands long hours in lines to meet recruiters who already have met hundreds of students and are having a tough time sorting and managing the resumes. Apart from that there is the problem of finding the right time to schedule an interview between the student and the employer,which should be mutual.Well to make these problems go away.We have come up with Nexruiter

How it works

*QRTechruiter is an online job portal which helps recruiters ease up the process of Recruiting using Nexmo TTS and IBM Watson API's.

Prove a easier two factor authentication for number verification using NEXMO VERIFY API

Student Features

*Provide easier way to create a smart resume using the custom questions sent using NEXMO CALL API
*Provide a way to subscribe to employer updates using NEXMO SMS API
*provides a platform to get company insights like stock data and twitter sentiment analysis
*Provides company information about employees ,etc in a single platform

Employer Features

*Provides insightful feedback on the candidates interviews by performing an analysis of the interview and thus providing a personality insight response.
*Provide two factor Authentication before offering a job using NEXMO VERIFY API
*Providing personality insights on the candidates profile
*Provide as easier way to send out notifications using NEXMO SMS and CALL API
*Providing social network insights on the candidates profile

What's next for NexRuiter

The future enhancements are: *Create smarter resume using QR codes
*Share the QR code using Nexmo API's
*Enhance the interview analysis to technical interviews
*Provide a way for the employer to perform number insight regarding the students number and gain useful information

Target Users

Students seeking jobs and Employers who are looking for hiring fresh talent

Nexmo Integration

Usage of Verify API for login authentication Usage of Verify API for authentication before sending a offer to the student Usage of SMS API for sending shortlist/offer a job notification Usage of CALL API for sending shortlist/offer a job notification Usage of CALL API for sending questions for textual interview Usage of SMS API for sending notifications to students when a new employer joins Nexruiter.

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