Nexmo Pubnub Device Monitor

Pubnub is commonly used to communicate messages from devices. In case any of the devices go offline, it is typically beneficial to become aware of it as soon as possible. By installing this project on Heroku, the server will continuously monitor your devices and notify via SMS or other Nexmo-provided channels when any of your devices stop sending messages on Pubnub. It also provides a web page where you optionally can inspect the status of your devices.


I am scratching my own itch: Currently I am using Pubnub to track shuttles in San Francisco. However, sometimes the tracking devices in the vehicles stop sending messages via Pubnub. I need to get alerted as soon as possible so the devices can be brought back online.


Clojurescript based server and web app running on Heroku based on Nexmo and Pubnub, using node express, bootstrap, reactjs/reagent and Kioo templates, demonstrating "isomorphic" clojurescript with most of the code shared between frontend and backend and Figwheel hotloading changes to both.

Contributions to Open Source

The implementation is open source and provides a starting point for custom device monitors and dashboards using Pubnub and Nexmo.

While working on this project, I packaged up Pubnub to be easier to use with Clojurescript, initiating and submitting an new contribution for CLJSJS.

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