I made this project with Highrise customers in mind— small business owners that are generally tech savvy, but that aren't necessarily web developers. So I chose an uncommon platform: Google Sheets + Google Apps Script (aka "GAS"). The initial setup, timed triggers, Nexmo callback endpoint, and decent permissions/security can all be had for free, with no server to spin up nor maintain.

Fake Highrise contact with real number and insight

Features and Quirks

  • Optionally, you can enter a tag (e.g. prospect) and only contacts with that tag will be considered.
  • Each time the script runs, it will save a last_sync date. On future runs, only contact records that have been udpated since that last date will be affected. If you want to start over and have all records consider, just delete the value in that column of the config sheet.
  • For now, each time Nexmo Insights is called on a record, it will prepend new info to the note. This accounts for multiple phone numbers, and changes of status (e.g. roaming) to existing numbers. There are however some drawbacks including unwanted duplicate info, so this might change in the future.
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