Platform to make math easier and more intuitive

  • Submitted to hackNYU 2019
  • Built by Mehul Ghosal and Alex Weiss


  • We are both juniors in high school, and although we are very STEM oriented students, we sometimes have trouble understanding math class
  • Abstract math is had enough; not having good teachers makes comprehending difficult topics near impossible
  • We spent hours trying to teach ourselves these subjects - even the most comprehensive study helpers, like Khan Academy or Youtube don't have everything we want
  • There are decent teachers online, but not enough practice problems are available to test our understanding
  • The few problems you might find online rarely, if ever, come with helpful solutions & guides

The App

  • The app we built, called 'NexGenMath' is meant to solve these problems
  • Our first section is a home or profile page that links to the most recommended lessons and practice
  • We plan to cover a broad range of mathematical topics
  • Our main attraction will be the many practice problems with walkthroughs and step-by-step solutions
  • Our simple, beautiful UI and UX add to the intuitiveness of using the app on a daily basis to learn and strengthen mathemtical skills
    • The integration with LaTeX is an aspect we are very proud of
  • Because everything will be free, we will appeal to any and all kinds of students

Built With

  • Flutter, made by Google for cross platform usability on Android and iOS devices
  • We wrote our backend with Firebase
    • All of the firebase code is located on branch "firebase"

Limitations & Struggles

  • This is both of our first major exposure to Flutter, so we were uncomfortable to begin with
    • Dart is almost based on Java, but there are enough syntactical and logical differences to cause us to stumble about
    • integrating the backend api and modifying design elements were especially tricky
  • Also, because of time limitations, we could not fully write every lesson plan and come up with all kinds of problems
    • Obviously, math cannot be quantified to three or four generic topics, but we had to focus and hone in on a few areas for the sake of the project

For the Future

  • We will definitely include cross-language support so our audience can expand greatly
  • Obviously, we will be constantly adding new topics - we hope to maintain this app for a while
  • We can also look into running outreach campaigns targeted to schools to increase the use of our app in the daily lives of students

hackNYU 2019

  • Education Track
  • Best use of Google Technologies
  • Facebook's Mission of Building Communities
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