With increase in patient demand, social distancing and budget strain , remote access or virtual access healthcare is way seen by doctor consultant or clinician. healthcare wearables offer a way for physicians to monitor and manage patient progress even at distance .But it does not provide early diagnostic and valuable insights.

1. Remote Access or Virtual Consultation is the hour of need.

  • Getting to and from hospitals and clinics can be burdensome.

  • Patients from rural areas or those without outside help find it difficult to get the care they need

  • Current Scenario for In person consultation is not safe

2.Expensive Medical Examine

  • Patient have to go In person consultation and pay hefty amount for medical examine.

  • Healthcare Professional can get these data from user wearable bands.

3. Wearable Technology till now track only health parameters, no valuable insights

  • No Early Diagnostics


AI4HEALTH in action

1. Health app a fast and efficient android application for health service.

2. Convenience of consulting with health care professional with in built Health App chat application.

3. AI Technology for early diagnostics of mental-health.

  • Studies have found that resting heart rate (RHR) can be used as vital sign that can be used as early detection symptoms.

  • Wearable device is an accurate way to establish individual to baseline parameter of health, which can be used to detect significant deviations from normal health.

  • AI4HEALTH a LSTM based anomaly detection trained on open health dataset to detect anomaly in user health relative to user baseline.

4. Optimized dashboard for user to keep tab on their health.

5. Safe and Easy login with Google auth.

6. Supports most of wearable bands.

7. Latest user web technology.

  • Get articles related to mental-health.

  • Django based website.

8. Easy real-time monitoring of health parameter (heart rate ,steps, calorie burn and spO2).

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