Even for the healthy amongst us, performing simple, targeted head exercises can significantly alleviate stress and muscle tensions. Several simple to follow exercises with visual feedback will be used that allow users of Nexercise to keep their movements within target ranges for speed, levitation, etc. The application will provide visual guides allowing for side-to-side, front-to-back, and rotating exercises (more can be added later). Additionally, feedback will be provided to the user to show that they are on target with the regimen of repetitions, etc.

Stand-alone, this app can be used by those wearing displays on their heads to occasionally relax their neck muscles, e.g., by scheduling repetitions throughout the day. This will alleviate the potential for occupational hazards and/or strains for those employing head-mounted glasses professionally. Together with a background scheduler service, performed exercised will be stored and can be retrieved to allow for long-term exercise tracking. This submission does not make any medical claims and is not to replace any sort of medical treatment. It is to be employed at a user’s own risk and assumes that users are healthy.

Long-term, however, this application will be enhanced to aid in healthcare-related scenarios. The at-home healthcare market in the US and worldwide is booming with the increase in age and knowledge that patients are served best by being at home. Several rehabilitation exercises for head and neck injuries require patients at home to move their head in specified directions and for specific degrees. Having a refined medical-grade version of this application can be useful in those scenarios and is one of our long-term goals.

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