I've always been annoyed after talking to my friends for an hour that they were on Verizon and I was on AT&T. That means I just used up 60 anytime minutes! As soon as I saw this API by Nexmo, I realized its potential to solve this problem. With nexcall, always be in the know in real-time and save your minutes!

How it works

Just install the app and it runs in the background! Every time you get a call, it will let you know right away if the caller is on the same mobile network as you, helping you save your precious out-of-network mobile minutes and charges. It will also tell you which country the call is from so you can help avoid international call charges and learn something new!

Challenges I ran into

Getting Android call recognition to work smoothly.

Nexmo: by default unless a "1" is prepended, the API doesn't recognize bay area numbers as US numbers - mine got recognized as Peru by default. Also, US numbers are recognized as "North American Number Authority". Would be nice if it said "USA".

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making a nicely designed call notification :-)

What I learned

The complexity of phone numbers.

What's next for nexcall

Use it everyday myself! Get it working on phone boot-up and not having to open app to set it up.

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posted an update

Surprised how much Nexcall has helped me already! Noticed a few of my friends were on VOIP! Looks like they didn't give me their real number but their Google Voice, lol.

Would be great if Nexmo could identify the VOIP service like Google Voice, etc.

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