For Consumers: The rising challenge of trustworthiness in the media today. For Business: What is the public opinion of a company, and how does that reflect in the company valuation.

Challenges I ran into

Deciding which information was most useful from the APIs, and presenting this is a productive graph format.

The primary initial challenge was finding a News API that provides whole article content, as most only provide a snippet (especially for Developer accounts) - this content was necessary for the sentiment analysis. Eventually, we settled on using the Guardian API for analysing articles, as they provide full article text.

What's next for NewsWorthy

Eventual deployment to business, in order to help them identify the moments the public's opinion changed, and therefore further improve their company.

As an enterprise application, companies are able to monitor how their appearance in the media and their public opinion affects their value. This means that companies can maximise their value, and conversely are incentivised to act responsibly as there is direct accountability for the articles written about them.

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