We all know how major of a problem fake news is, and with ethereum becoming so powerful and popular, we thought why not combine it?

What it does

Prevents fake news by targeting people with specialized skill set who are in a position to judge more about fake news articles, give their opinion on it and get paid for it

How we built it

Using solidity with Remix IDE browser, Metmask chrome extension, JS for linking the backend and front end.

Used a lot of fake ether coins

Challenges we ran into

Getting the Ethereum backend to work with Javascript, getting money to be transferred from owners account to some other account

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Writing our first end to end working Dapp along with hosting it on ipfs

What we learned

If a contract has a function to send ether to some account, then make sure that contract address has money in it

What's next for NewsTruth

Lots! Fetch the result data and display it on front end as we didnt get time to do it, Add a timer functionality which keeps track of articles voted in an hour and wont give a user more time to vote accordingly

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