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This is the repo that houses all of the code used for the Rails application that powers the user experience and settings for Newspeak. It communicates with a sister app created on Corvisa's API.

Project Description

Newspeak gives users a spoken digest of the most popular news on the New York Times feed (later, we would like to incorporate other news services). Users initiate our app by calling a phone number. The automated track takes the user through a menu of news categories and reads abstracts for the user selections. The user can also have a full article link sent to their phone via SMS.


Newspeak was created as part of Techweek Chicago's 2015 Hackathon. We had 24 hours to develop Newspeak and submit all code.


Techincal Information

To get started running the app locally, clone the repo, create a new branch, and start making changes!

APIs Used



This project is licensed under the MIT License and is provided as is. The spirit of this application was to learn and create an app as part of a hackathon.

Love it for what it does, improve it for what it does not yet do

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