When you shiop for items you use your friend's recommendations. Why can't you read news the same way?

What it does

The application loads a random news article, prompts you for a picture, uses Microsoft Emotion API to read your emotions, ranks happiness against a scale and finally use Microsoft Graph API to email it to your friends

How I built it

We build a webpage using Flask, Python and Javascript

Challenges I ran into

Using the different API's, using Microsoft's OAuthorization and hosting images on Github (FTP server didn't work). We also ran into the issue of only being able to host it locally due to hard-coding a path.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

First time using API's to read emotions and send emails.

What I learned

Python and API's

What's next for NewsFed

We'd like to incorporate video to read your emotion as you read instead of waiting till the end.

Built With

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