team 9: Curious_minds


Currently fake news are getting viral due to social media, it is very necessary to check the credibility of news or other sources before believing it.

What it does

It scraps the news article from the given link, makes the summary of the news article and then it detects whether the news is fake or not. The application can be used by either normal users to check whether the news they face in their daily life is fake or not. It can also be used by Organizations and Journalists for business needs.

How I built it

I have implemented a django project, and used Cockroach db for storing the information of user and his search history, We used newspaper library of python to scrap the news article from the given url. Using sklearn, we build a TfidfVectorizer on our dataset. we initialized a PassiveAggressive Classifier and fit the model.

What I learned

I learnt to use cockroach db database with django.

future scope

  • Implementing a map feature so that Users should be able to access a map that visualizes the percentage of fake news detected
  • Improving the accuracy of the model by the system around different cities in the world.
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